Vinyl is a popular, attractive and an affordable flooring option for many rooms of your home, especially kitchens and bathrooms. Because of the availability of numerous vinyl flooring options, the decision on the best tiles for your project could be confusing and time consuming. You might be drawn to it because of its appearance, price or performance, but there are numerous other considerations to make. Beyond that, luxury vinyl tile will not be identified just by looking at it. You require an expert eye and guidance identify the best tile for your executive floor. Hardman’s can help with that!

Information about vinyl flooring is important in ensuring satisfaction. By asking the important questions, you will gather the right information to enable you buy the best vinyl tiles for your floor. Here is a compilation of questions by experts that will enable you make the right decision and thus enjoy incredible long-term benefits.

1. What Is The Thickness Of The Wear Layer?

Vinyl tile flooring that looks like hardwood flooring

The wear layer refers to the clear top layer of your tile. This layer provides protection to the colorful printed part of your tile. Its role is to ensure that your tile maintains its pattern for the longest time possible. This will preserve the integrity of your tile even on an area that receives heavy traffic.

The thickness of vinyl tiles varies with the dimensions being provided in millimeters. It is a general rule that tiles with a thicker wear layer are more impressive and durable. However, this does not apply to all brands because you have to consider the material used in manufacture of the layer. If the material is of a poor quality, it will wear out very easily and fast. Reviews will help you identify a tile that will meet your wear layer expectations.

Tiles with a layer that exceeds 28ml should raise alarm. Such tiles appear as though they are the best for high traffic sections and to last long. As an industrial client, you are likely to settle for such tiles. Unfortunately, the tiles are misleading because of over-engineering. There is no nature or amount of traffic that would justify such a thick wear layer. It could be a psychological game to make you believe that you are getting the best vinyl floor. You will be required to pay more for a feature that does not add any value to your floor.

2. Is A Warranty Available?

Availability of a warranty and its terms will depend on the manufacturer. You need to understand what the terms used in the warranty mean and the impact they will have on how you use the tiles. A ‘lifetime warranty’ is the most common phrase you will have to deal with. This almost makes you feel like your tile will be replaced any time you need it to. However, the terms limit the areas that are protected, meaning that the entire tile is not covered.

Warranties also come with terms and conditions that must be met to maintain the validity of the warranty. Some of them are too harsh and punitive that you might have to store the tiles indoors to be eligible. Consider the reputation of the manufacturer to meet the demands of the warranty. It is more reliable to deal with manufacturers who have been in the market for a while, compared to newcomers whose longevity is not assured.

Luxury vinyl was hidden from the general public for some time, only being provided to a selected few. This denied many the opportunity to enjoy some incredible benefits that come with this type of tile. At the store, you must have a clear idea of what you want from a flooring material to establish whether you will get it from LVT. Here are some of the incredible advantages of using vinyl tiles over others in the market.

  1. Appearance: LVT is made using the latest technology to give you a natural feel on the surface. The texture and patterns appear so natural that even a trained eye would have a problem differentiating the natural from vinyl. This gives you an opportunity to get your desired type of floor without spending a fortune or dealing with the disadvantages of such floors. You create an impressive floor while spending a very small amount.
  2. Price: The price is unbelievably affordable. For instance, a wooden floor would require you to spend hundreds of dollars for a very small patch. It is also expensive to install and even maintain real wooden floor. However, with LVT, you only spend a few dollars on installation. Maintenance is also cost effective without any special needs. This makes the overall cost of owning an LVT floor friendly to all classes of clients.
  3. Environmentally Friendly:  The tiles are made of 100% environmentally friendly products. This allows you to meet your GREEN building standards targets and also benefit from the incentives given.
  4. Safe: LVT has also met all the safety standards set for floor materials. These standards include slip resistance and flammability.
  5. Easy to Maintain: Maintenance is easy and affordable. You only require to mop or wipe the surface regardless of the dirt you are dealing with. The surface is also resistant to stains, eliminating the need for professional cleaning and use of other expensive substances, equipments or methods. This is a stress free floor to deal with.
  6. Durable: It ranks among the most durable yet affordable flooring materials in the market. This is despite its ability to handle intense traffic without damaging its elegance. The tiles can withstand the heavy demand of a commercial floor without losing its integrity. This is why luxury vinyl tiles feature the most impressive warranty in the market.
  7. Great Selection: You have a huge selection of styles and sizes to meet your expectations, and Hardman’s has the experts to help you find the right ones. In fact, you order the design or style that meets your imagination. The options range from tactile slate to wood and woven textile. The tiles represent the widest selection of realism for your tiles.

The features and benefits offered almost make you think that you have a universal flooring material that can handle any environment. Fortunately, these benefits come at the lowest imaginable price in the market. This is the real definition of value for money.

4. What is Required During Installation? Does Hardman’s Offer Installation?

Photo of brown vinyl tile flooring

Yes! Hardman’s offers professional installation. Give us a call for more information.

Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest projects to undertake. In fact, it can be done using DIY guidelines and still achieve top desired results. The procedure for installation is usually provided with the tiles. You will also be guided on how to prep the floor in readiness for installation. With easy installation procedures, the cost of installation will fall significantly considering that a lot of expertise is not needed and the project will take a very short time.

Since LVT follow the layout of the existing sub-floor, you need to prepare it before laying the tiles. All low-spots, gaps and seams must be filled. Use a durable and recommended substance that will not cause damage to the lower surface of the till or succumb to pressure due to traffic on the surface. Door trims should be undercut to enable you slip the tiles beneath. Ensure that the cut fits the tile perfectly to avoid overcutting. It is recommended that you use an oscillating saw or a handsaw to have greater control over the cut.

Prepare the surface below by installing an underlayment. There are different materials used to ensure moisture resistance and provide an even surface. If your sub-floor is in good shape, you can skip this step and have your tiles glued directly. Lay out your tiles without gluing to establish the pattern. Remember that the appearance of your floor will depend on your creativity when laying out the tiles. Create a pattern that defines the mood and personality of your floor.

5. What About Maintenance?

This is a huge concern for all home owners during installation. It determines the experience you will have with the floor. It also affects the overall cost of living with this floor. Maintenance is an everyday affair. It should not be a bother by requiring special substances, equipments and procedures. Luckily, for LVT, you only require a mop to wipe out dirt and dust off the surface.

There are measures you can take to protect the floor from damage especially due to the traffic that is usually on the surface. Place a mat at the entrance to keep off debris and pebbles that are likely to damage your surface. Use pads at the feet of heavy items like beds and chairs placed on the surface. Do not drag items on the floor because they will damage the surface and affect its texture. Ensure that the transitions and edges of your floor are expertly done. They will prevent the floor from damage, especially the tiles from coming off the ground or water sipping below the tiles.

The best way to enjoy the numerous benefits of luxury vinyl flooring is by making the right choice based on proper understanding of the features you get from each type of tile. Consult an expert who will give you firsthand experience on the use of these tiles. Engage a professional during installation to guarantee excellent long-term benefits.