Check out these great DIY gift ideas from Family Handyman!

DIY Butterfly house

Gifts for Mom: Butterfly House

If your mom loves butterflies, this DIY butterfly house makes the perfect gift. It’s super-simple to build and costs less than $20. This unique DIY gift will delight mom for years to come. This project is incredibly simple. Check out the complete how-to instructions here.

Hexagon Shelves Lead

Gifts for Mom: Hexagon Shelves

All moms treasure unique DIY gifts, so for Mother’s Day, why not give her a place to show them off? These shelves are surprisingly easy to make and only require basic tools and glue. You’ll find everything you need to know to build these shelves, here.

tile patio table

Gifts for Mom: Stone-Top Patio Table

Busy moms need a break, and what could be more relaxing than sipping a cool drink on the deck or patio? With that in mid, give mom a place to set her glass of sweet tea by making this stylish patio table! It’s just 16 inches x 16 inches and is very easy to build. The top is a single stone tile! Everything you need to know to build it is right here.

garden tool box

Gifts for Mom: Rustic Garden Toolbox

This light, strong, one-of-a-kind toolbox will delight your mom or grandma. Once you gather the materials and tools, this project will only take a couple of hours. Here are the complete how-to instructions.